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GTA 3 Cheats PC

Unleash mayhem in GTA 3 with these cheat codes for PC.

Gta Cheats Pc

GTA 3 Cheats On PC

Using cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto 3 for PC (including the Rockstar Launcher version) is easy and this guide will show you exactly how to do it. Just note that some cheats (as indicated below) only work in the Definitive Edition of GTA 3.

  1. Save The Game

    Due to it being impossible to deactivate some cheats, and their use also stopping you from earning any Achievements, it’s important to have a clean save point to return to later.

  2. Select the Cheats

    With the massive amount of cheats that Rockstar Games decided to include in GTA 3 it’s understandable if you have a hard time choosing. Pick the cheats you want to use from our list.

  3. Enter Your Codes

    To activate the cheat all you need to do is type in the relevant phrase. Do this during gameplay and without pausing the game.

  4. Cheat Activated

    If you followed the steps that we’ve outlined so far, you’ll see a small pop up on your screen stating that cheats activation has been successful.

Grand Theft Auto 3 PC Cheats

  • Big Head Mode: EXPANDDOME
    This works in the definitive edition only

    Causes cars to take off from the ground

  • NPCs Carry Weapons: WEAPONSFORALL
    PEDs will be packing guns. They won’t be hostile by default, but they will shoot back if attacked

    PEDs will attack one another and the player. Non-revertable

    PEDs will attack the player. Non-revertable

  • Give All Weapons: GUNSGUNSGUNS
    The player has access to all weapons in the game: the rocket launcher, flame thrower, baseball bat, molotov, grenades, pistol, micro SMG, AK47, M16, shotgun, and sniper rifle.

  • Give $250,000: IFIWEREARICHMAN
    The player’s money is increased by $250,000

  • Maximum Armor: TORTOISE (TURTOISE in older version)
    Replenishes the player’s armor

  • Maximum Health: GESUNDHEIT
    Replenishes the player’s HP

  • Foggy Weather: PEASOUP
    Changes the weather to foggy

  • Overcast Weather: ILIKESCOTLAND
    Changes the weather to cloudy

  • Rainy Weather: ILOVESCOTLAND
    Changes weather to raining

  • Sunny Weather: SKINCANCERFORME
    Changes the weather to sunny

  • Decrease Wanted Level: NOPOLICEPLEASE
    Removes one wanted star

  • Increase Wanted Level: MOREPOLICEPLEASE
    Adds one wanted star

  • Auto-Explode Cars: BANGBANGBANG
    Vehicles in proximity to the player character will automatically explode

  • Toggle Character Skin: ILIKEDRESSINGUP
    Cycles through a selection of alternate character models

  • Better Handling: CORNERSLIKEMAD
    Makes cars easier to drive and handle

  • Speed Up Time: MADWEATHER
    In-game time passes more quickly *does not work in the definitive edition of GTA 3*

  • Speed Up Gameplay: TIMEFLIESWHENYOU
    Gameplay speed is increased

  • Slow Down Gameplay: BOOOOORING
    Gameplay speed is decreased

    More blood etc is visible when attacking *does not work in the definitive edition of GTA 3*

  • Invisible Cars: ANICESETOFWHEELS
    Cars become see-through *does not work in the definitive edition of GTA 3*

  • Spawn Tank: GIVEUSATANK
    Spawns a tank directly in front of the player

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