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Where is Fort Zancudo in GTA 5 and GTA Online

We show you the exact location of Fort Zancudo, what stuff you can steal from the base, and the best ways to get in and out unscathed!

Fort Zancudo serves as the primary military headquarters in GTA 5 and GTA Online, housing both the Military and Air Force.

The fort is notoriously difficult to get into though, thanks to its tight security measures. Simply entering the base triggers a wanted level.

However, finding and entering Fort Zancudo is by no means impossible. In this guide we’ll show you exactly where Fort Zancudo is and how to enter.

Location of Fort Zancudo

Fort Zancudo isn’t outlined on the in-game map, but you can spot it using satellite maps online. In the game, there are map markers that indicate where the base entrance is located. You’ll find it south of North Chumash Beach and southwest of Mount Josiah. The southern border of the base is surrounded by swamps, easily identifiable by the river running across it.

When searching for the base, head to the far west side of your GTA 5 map. Look for a noticeable area that appears empty, with a protrusion reaching toward the shoreline. This marks the runway tip used by the Air Force personnel for takeoff.

In story mode, the map appears empty. However, in GTA Online, you’ll have access to the full layout of the base on your map, allowing you to navigate its various sections.

Why Enter Fort Zancudo?

Given the extreme danger of entering Fort Zancudo, attempting to infiltrate or escape almost always ends in certain death. So, why take the risk?

Well, the base’s stringent security measures are in place for good reason: it houses valuable, high-end equipment and vehicles that players can leverage to their advantage.

P-996 LAZER fighter jet.

Fort Zancudo contains a formidable arsenal, including the P-996 LAZER fighter jet, heavily armored Rhino tank, Besra military aircraft, Titan transport aircraft, and various other military vehicles. You can also find a minigun on top of one of the towers within Fort Zancudo.

In GTA Online, buying these vehicles from Warstock Cache & Carry can be extremely expensive, often costing millions of dollars. So, instead, you can try to get into and out of Fort Zancudo and steal one of these powerful vehicles for free. Just note that your access to any vehicle that you steal from the base will be limited to a single session.

How To Enter Fort Zancudo?

There are various strategies to infiltrate Fort Zancudo. Here are some tactics to help you breach the base’s defenses.

Brute Force

The most popular approach to infiltrating the base involves brute-forcing your entry through various checkpoints. While using a fast car can grant access, reaching your intended destination within Fort Zancudo is challenging. Expect heavy resistance from the military, including a 4-star wanted level, aggressive Rhino Tanks, and endless waves of army reinforcements. The video below demonstrates what you can expect!

You have two primary entry points to drive into the base: the western and eastern entrances, both viable options for access. However, if you want to steal the fighter jets, it is best to use the western entrance as it is closer to the Hangars with the jets.

The western entrance is also better if you want to get the minigun as it is on top of the western radio tower.


Another approach is to fly up very high into the sky and then parachute onto the base. Accuracy is crucial during descent though, so that you land close to your intended target. You won’t have enough time to parachute slowly, so you must be quick. If you drop in too slowly, the military will kill you before you can get to the target (whatever that may be).

Also, when you’re flying within the vicinity of Fort Zancudo, you are within a “no-fly zone,” which means that the military will target you with homing missiles. To evade the missiles, fly in circles.

Purchase Hangar

In GTA Online, you have the opportunity to acquire one of the three Hangars situated within Fort Zancudo, introduced alongside the 2017 Smuggler’s Run update.

These Hangars serve as storage spaces for your aircraft and helicopters. An added (massive) perk of owning a Hangar is the ability to access the military base without raising a wanted level.

The army and security forces won’t engage you with hostility until you try to steal a vehicle that you don’t own or you fire a weapon. If you do either of those thing, you’ll get an instant wanted level and it will be all on!

Interior of a purchased hangar at Fort Zancudo.

Vehicles at Fort Zancudo

You can steal the following vehicles from Fort Zancudo:

  • Barracks: The Barracks is a military truck usually parked in various parking lots of the Fort. It can also be seen chasing players once they enter the base.
  • HVY Barracks Semi: The Barracks Semi is a military semi-truck which is also found in multiple parking lots, similar to the standard Barracks.
  • Western Besra: The Western Besra is a military trainer jet that is typically stored within hangars and other jet landing areas of the Fort.
  • Nagasaki Buzzard: The Nagasaki Buzzard is a patrol helicopter that is usually found parked in the northern areas of the runaway. It will also sometimes be parked right outside the big hangar you see right after entering through the western gate.
  • Cargobob: As the name suggests, the Cargobob is a cargo helicopter that is spotted flying around the base or stationed on helipads east of the runway. You will usually find it on the helipads ready for take off.
  • Canis Crusader: An off-road SUV usually found in the same parking lots as the Barracks vehicles.
  • The Jobuilt P-996 LAZER: The P-996 LAZE is a military fighter jet that is found within various hangars and sections of Fort Zancudo. You can also find this jet frequently taking off or landing at the base.
  • Rhino: The Rhino Tank is a classic tank of the entire GTA franchise – not just GTA 5 / GTA Online. It usually shows up as soon as a player enters the base and will bombard you constantly. Just note that there is no parked Rhino Tank at Fort Zancudo for you to steal. The Rhino will only show up once you’ve got the wanted level, and getting a wanted level is guaranteed upon entering Fort Zancudo.
  • Titan: The Titan is a military transport aircraft, usually parked north of the runway, often positioned in front of the hangars. You can occasionally find a Titan taking off on the runway.
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