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GTA V Actor Reveals Details of Canceled ‘Agent Trevor’ DLC

Rockstar's canned "Agent Trevor" DLC would have featured Trevor Philips as an undercover FBI agent with a twist.

Trevor as an Agent of His Majesty's Service sounds like a funny joke.
Trevor as an Agent of His Majesty's Service sounds like a funny joke.

We’re really glad this didn’t turn out to be one of those “I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you” kind of secrets. For years, Grand Theft Auto V fans have wondered what could have been if Rockstar Games had followed through on its original plans for single-player story expansions – now, courtesy of Trevor voice actor Steven Ogg, we actually have a pretty good idea.

While GTA Online became a massively successful cash cow, the lack of meaty narrative DLC felt like a missed opportunity given Rockstar’s impressive track record with add-on content like The Ballad of Gay Tony and Undead Nightmare.

Over a decade after GTA V‘s original release, new revelations about one of those scrapped expansions have ripped the scab off an old wound for story mode fans. During a recent Q&A stream, Steven Ogg, the actor who portrayed unhinged antihero Trevor Philips, disclosed that he had recorded performance capture and voice work for a bonkers storyline dubbed “Agent Trevor.”

In Ogg’s own words, the DLC would have followed Trevor going undercover for the FBI as “James Bond Trevor” – a covert operative who was “still kind of a f**k up, but doing his best to pretend to be like [a secret agent].” Just imagining Trevor’s erratic behavior and penchant for ultraviolence juxtaposed with the suave sophistication of 007 is hilarious.

It gets even better. Ogg revealed that in the planned finale for “Agent Trevor”, the character would have somehow ended up in outer space, likely indulging his most unhinged impulses on the final frontier. A cross between The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker by way of GTA’s trademark insanity? Sign us up.

Sadly, Rockstar suddenly went silent on “Agent Trevor”, and the DLC “just disappeared” without explanation, never to be revisited or referenced again. While it’s a brutal gut punch for fans desperate for more single-player epicness, it’s hardly surprising given GTA Online‘s record-shattering success.

The cancellation seemed even more lamentable after last year’s Rockstar leaks, which provided further corroboration that “Agent Trevor” was indeed real and ambitious. The leaked data referenced special missions revolving around Trevor going undercover, as well as outrageous plot threads involving an alien invasion and a full-blown zombie apocalypse overrunning Los Santos.

While some scraps of this outlandish DLC content eventually trickled into GTA Online‘s expansions like the Doomsday Heist and the occasional alien laser weapon, the prospect of three genre-bending story campaigns feels like it would have been infinitely more satisfying.

The leaks confirmed Rockstar’s enormously ambitious scale for these DLC packs too, with plans to completely overhaul up to 90% of the game’s map to suit each new setting. An incredible amount of work that would almost be its own sort of unbelievable alternate reality version of GTA V‘s iconic world.

With GTA 6 possibly still a year away, all we’re left with is regretfully picturing how Rockstar might have topped even its most ridiculous excesses with the “Agent Trevor” expansion and its ludicrous cosmic finale. Maybe in the next life, Trevor.

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I remember hearing about this. They honestly should have done some form of DLC for the story, at least for the first few years after the game was released. It was stupid they promised it and just scrapped all plans of it.

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DLC was promised numerous times by Rockstar and they never delivered. I actually did not get the game for several years because of this. I think it is wise to not make any claims for GTA 6 about DLC or anything they don't already have set in stone.

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