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Pigeon-Eating Caller Linked to C.R.A.P.’s Membership Woes in GTA III

Years later, GTA III is still surprising players with hidden narratives and unexpected laughs tucked away in its iconic radio dialogue.

Players revisiting the iconic world of Grand Theft Auto III have stumbled upon an interesting mystery that has evaded detection for years. Apparently, the revelation came to light during a nostalgic replay of the game’s radio stations, particularly the infamous Chatterbox FM.

During a call-in segment on Chatterbox FM, a representative from C.R.A.P. (Citizens Raging Against Phones) expressed their struggle in recruiting new members due to the disappearance of carrier pigeons that they use to organize meetings. The caller humorously detailed their plight, mentioning the strange occurrence of the pigeons going missing, hindering their communication efforts.

However, the plot thickened when another caller dialed into the radio show, kick-starting a conversation about unconventional culinary choices. The caller suggested that possums make for delectable meals and then turned the conversation to the topic of pigeons, remarking on their potential as a tasty dish. The caller hinted at a connection between missing carrier pigeons and their own experiences with finding notes attached to them, quite similar to fortune cookies.

Chatterbox FM Easter Egg
byu/elesensi2293 inGTA3

Upon reflecting on these interactions, players made a startling realization: the reason behind C.R.A.P’s limited membership might be linked to a mysterious individual with an appetite for carrier pigeons. It appears that while C.R.A.P. sought to communicate via carrier pigeons, an unknown character had been intercepting and consuming them, unintentionally thwarting the organization’s efforts to expand its ranks.

This funny easter egg discovery has prompted a wave of dialogue among GTA players, with most marveling at the details of the 16 year old game’s radio dialogue and hidden narratives that are still not found.

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I remember hearing about this but no one ever confirmed it. I love how this game is like 20+ years old and we are still getting new details about it.

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